The naked truth : I love processes. More than anything else.

When it's done, it's behind.

Installing my exhibition in Arles, France, with the precious help of my Curator Sam Stourdzé - Director of the prestigious Festival "Rencontres de la Photographie"- , has been an extraordinary moment. When everything falls into place.

It's done and I can't undo it. As I walked by tonight, before catching my train to Paris, I asked myself the one and only question : Would Lee McQueen like it ? I believe this answer is "yes".

Acta est fabula.

"Les Inachevés" - Lee McQueen" will be opening on July 2nd, and will last until September 23rd 2018 - Rencontres d'Arles, France.

Sam Stourdzé © Ann Ray

Sam Stourdzé © Ann Ray